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True Tie Dye
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Learn how to make quality tie dye t-shirts, clothing and tapestries!

true tie dye

Create your own tie dye using our comprehensive "how to" videos.

  • Learn the tips, tricks and secrets for making incredible tie dye.
  • No sewing required.
  • Easy water cleanup.
  • A complete, proven system suitable for all experience levels.

Available worldwide on DVD.

Tie dye is more than squirting a little dye on a t-shirt - it's a form of art!

In fact, real tie dyeing is a multilayer process involving a blend of applied chemistry, visualization, and artistic technique.  When successfully merged, this combination results in intricate images of brilliant and durable color - a reflection of the artist's imagination.

The distinctive, raw organic feel of well-executed tie dye stems partly from the fact that it is truly "handmade". The beauty seen in a tie dyed pattern is the mark of the artist's hand, not a mark reproduced by a manufactured tool.

Properly applied dyes form strong molecular bonds to the fiber and last the life of the fabric. In comparison, things like screen prints, transfers, and fabric paints are all far less durable than dyes since they merely stick to the surface of the fabric until they shrink, crack, and peel away from being washed and worn.  Dyed fabrics are inherently more comfortable to wear since dyes don't reduce breathability or alter surface texture. Learn more about Procion MX and similar fiber reactive dyes here.

Dyeing isn't difficult - if you know what you're doing. However, if you don't happen to know what you're doing - there are plenty of things that can go wrong. While relatively simple, dyeing is still a chemical reaction with numerous factors.  Our complete, reliable system covers all key aspects of the dyeing process - so you can get started on the right track (or significantly improve your existing process).  We're here to show you how to get the most out of your tie dyeing sessions - save time and effort, avoid costly mistakes, and obtain the best possible results every time.

Check out our acclaimed "how to" videos. Or learn more about making your own tie dye here.

There's something for all kinds of artists - from beginner to expert. Our comprehensive "how to" series provides detailed information on equipment and materials selection, safe and effective handling of dyes and chemicals, understanding color mixing, folding and tying patterns, dye application techniques, the actual dye reaction, washout, and troubleshooting - along with tons of tips, techniques, secrets, and ideas to spark your imagination!

Make tie dye exactly the way you want it - your pattern, your colors, your expression. You can start by making mandalas, lotus blossomsstars, peace signs, aliens, suns, flowers, hearts, and spirals. Then move on to almost anything you can imagine - the possibilities are endless!

You can make an entire collection of t-shirts, clothing and tapestries yourself for a fraction of what they would otherwise cost to buy.  There's also the added enjoyment of making all that tie dye.  That's the real fun!

And don't forget the kids.  Children love working with color, and with a little guidance tie dyeing can be a fun and rewarding experience.  Learn more about making tie dye with kids here.